Hayup ka Ondoy – Chapter 7

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(Due to pitch black darkness involving this chapter. I won’t be placing any image for this post.)

After relaxing for about 30 minutes in Sta Lucia. I gathered all my remaining strength (and courage) in my body and starts conditioning my mind. “Kaya ko’to, Kaya ko’to!” I then proceed towards Cainta Greenpark. But actually Im having second thoughts upon seeing the gloomy tone of Imelda Avenue. If only Cainta Municipality had roadside assistance justl like what I saw at www.goodsamers.com where rescuing is their company motto.

The water is waist deep and the current is kinda rough. Just to be sure, I actually waited for some people to cross the street before i tried it myself haha! (sigurista). After which I finally reached the gate of the village. There’s no guard at the gate so there’s no way I can get any information about the village condition. I entered the village gate and met a man. I asked him “Bro musta ba sa loob ng village?” He replied in high-tone “Its dangerous! Flood is rising! Refrain from going inside!” I thanked him, but still I proceed inside the village. Again, after a few minutes of walking, another man came by my direction. Still, I got the same bad news from him. “wag ka ng tumuloy, hindi mo kakayanin!” said the man.

My mind is now confused. I have gone this far, and my target destination is near. “Ngayon pa ba ako hihinto eh malapit na ako.” I’ve rest for a while under a roof of a store. Then from the dark came two men who were also decided to go inside the village. One got a large basin and the other one was clasping a big container just enough for him to float. I decided to go with them since I can still manage to wade through the flood.

Our travel was a breeze bcoz we were going with the flow of the current. After wading and somehow floating (flood is now around 5 feet high) we’ve reach the corner street. I told them Im holding back for now coz Im tired. But the truth is Im almost in panic mode because the flood is getting deeper. In my thoughts “What if I drown? Will they save me?” At least for them, they’re holding onto something. I bid them goodbye and good-luck, within seconds they’re gone and Im left alone on that dark and scary street …

to be continued…

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