Hayup ka Ondoy – Chapter 8

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With nothing to keep me afloat I seeked for a place that I can hang on or stay. Where is that key person insurance when I need one haha. That’s when I saw a multicab pickup. The small roof of it instantly became my islet for the night. Infront of it was a car with only its roof showing. Ok this is it. I assess myself, I still can manage my thirst, hunger and my chilliness. I’ll just try to relax and somehow sleep to recharge my body and maybe I’ll just wait here until daylight comes and the flood subsides (wish ko lang)

Minutes passed. I can’t sleep on that cramped and cold roof no matter what position I made. I look at the Sta Lucia side and it looks like the dawn is breaking. Im basically clueless to what’s the time and it makes me smile thinking the sun is about to rise. (now im hallucinating) It started raining hard again. The car infront of me was now 100% submerged.

Panic is slowly entering my system. Thoughts of any minute now the multicab will also be in the same situation, and thinking anytime would be rough for me. I bowed and say a little prayer to Bro (Our Lord Jesus). I then descend from the multicab. The water is up to my chin already. I plan to go back a few houses to seek shelter to a nearby school. I saw them before letting people inside their premises. Since the school location was infront, I have no options but to confront the current. By the way the current was now quite unmanageable. I trek first along the houses on my side. Holding into something that my hands can grab (gates, windows, walls, plants, etc..) just to save my energy before swimming across.

Finally I ran out of things to grab because the next was an open lot, and Im in parallel with the school. I suppose its time for some extreme action! I then swam with all my might to the other side of the road, battling the raging current. Guess what? I failed! The stream was too strong to battle. And there I was being carried away into the darkness…

To be continued…

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