Hayup ka Ondoy – Chapter 9

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I wasn’t expecting the current to be that strong, I miscalculate my move. Its not a typical walk in tubs situation and there’s nothing I can do but to go with the flow for the meantime while my hands and eyes are busy searching for a quick solution on my horrifying ordeal.

Luckily I was able to grab the iron gate of a house for a temporary refuge. But with the traits of the current, there will be no options for me but to move along with it.

I was two houses away from the street corner. Maybe, just maybe, there’ll be something much better for me when I reach it. Im hopelessly hoping for a miracle this time.

And so without further ado, I hugged, crawled, and embraced anything on my path just to reach that corner. I even remember hanging on a fence full of broken glass and hugging a thorny bougainvilla tree just to survive.

Finally I’ve reached that corner. From what i saw, it has nothing better to offer but that same old dark and floody ambiance. No people, no elevated place or objects. Just the flood and all that darkness.

Then my worst case scenario happens. It happen so fast. i didn’t anticipate the water would be much deeper there! I was engulfed by the flood and was actually drowning that instance. Swirling underwater for God knows how long while losing valuable air on my lungs. I guess this would be how my life would end…

To be continued…

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