Hayup ka Ondoy – Chapter 10

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I was totally in despair of my situation when all of a sudden my whole body slammed into what I feel was a sturdy guava tree! I immediately cling my hands and feet into its branch in a fat burner position and somehow place my head above the water, just enough to catch my breath. “Hayyy! Thank you God for this tree!

life saving plant

I remember grasping my last breath that night when I was carried by the raging flood that were around 6 – 7 feet deep. That moment I thought it was a sturdy guava tree. Only to be surprised a few days after the flood subsides, that it was only an ornamental plant. God really has his ways.

“Grabe lahat na yata ng nginig sa katawan naramdaman ko!” My body was shaking tremendously due to coldness and fear of drowning. And yet, you wouldn’t believe the stubbornness in me as I’m still planning to continue my quest after what happened. I still want to go further more upon seeing steel bars that I can hold from the gates of a townhouse. But this time my hearing dominates my thinking as I can clearly hear the forceful gushing of the water. “Malabo na ito kung itutuloy ko pa! Baka sa susunod hindi na ako swertehin” I might not be lucky the next time.

While still clinging. I notice the gate besides me. (as you can see at the photo above) I tried to knock profusely and shouted for help. “Tao po! Tao po! Tulungan nyo po ako!!!” The thing is that even if I spend the whole night knocking no one will come out because the flood is now around 7 feet and I think it wasn’t a house but a warehouse.

My knuckles were about to get numb knocking, when suddenly I heard a voice…

To be continued…

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