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Posted by raredog in Techie Stuff, ... | 02.05.2008 - 2:40 pm

Bloggers like me who have their own domain and hosting, needs from time to time some additional moolahs to pay their hosting company, script handlers, directories, web tools, and other miscellaneous fees that sum up to some serious amount.

Good thing there is an online company like Smorty that gives opportunity for bloggers to blog for money during their free time.

The process is so easy. The blogger just have to sign-up and register their blogs at Smorty and wait for the approval on their emails, (so fast, I got mine in just a few hours). Upon approval the blogger would just sign-in and look for the available opportunities they can work with and get paid for blogging. And best of all you won’t have to pay anything to Smorty, the whole package is absolutely free.

Just a tip, make sure to meet some minimal requirements, you would find it on their faq’s section. Goodluck and happy blogging!

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