Hayup ka Ondoy – Chapter 11

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I heard a man’s voice asking me how I was. I look above me and I couldn’t believe my eyes! Am I dead? Is he an angel or from the dark side? lol! Or I am just hallucinating? But it was for real! There he was on the roof.  “Pre ok ka lang? Taga-saan ka?” he yelled. I replied “pre tulungan mo ako hindi ko na kaya, taga-dito rin ako sa village, baka pwedeng jan muna ako sa bubong?!” I also live here and Im in distress, please help me!” Initially he didn’t move right away from his position. I know he’s kinda hesitant because he might fall if he gets much closer on the edge of the roof.

Im just around 3 feet away from clear survival and I wouldn’t let this chance slips away. That’s why with all my remaining strength, I struggled to climb the slippery wall so that he can reach my hand much closer and eventually pull me up out of misery.

At last I made it! From the roof, I can view the entire flooded neighborhood. We then introduce ourselves to each other and exchange stories.  I was amazed to know that he’s not from that house either and we’ve got the same fate that night, he just went up there an hour ago. (God’s way again). I told him how glad I am to see him and thanked him for saving me…

To be continued…

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