Hayup ka Ondoy – Chapter 12

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He said his name was JR, short for junior or stands for Jesus Rescues? Can be! Can be! pede di ba! Just like me, he enters the village alone to save his parents, but he gave up along the way because of the deep flood, strong current and pitch black environment, that he eventually ended up at the roof for refuge.

All along we thought morning was about to come, not until we asked a man from the nearby townhouse (who gave JR a dry Tshirt and a cigarette) that its only 8pm.

This is the longest night of my life! One for the Amazon books I could say! We both tried to sleep on the cold and bumpy roof. Its not that cozy but its the best bed for us that moment, as we somehow snatched a nap while ignoring the drizzle.

We’re about 1 or 2 hours there when the window on the 2nd floor opens. Its the owner of the house after all. He asked us if me and JR were ok, then he gave us some biscuits to munch. (Thank you sir, im giving you a gift this X’mas!)

Then an hour later we heard a wailing voice of a girl. She was asking for help. “saklolo, tulungan nyo po kami! hindi na po namin kaya, malulunod po kami” The same thing that happen to me.  She was shooting blanks in total darkness “parang ako, bahala na kung me makadinig” Lucky for them (they were 3 – 1  girl and 2 boys) we heard them. We told them to hold on and we’ll help them climb the roof. And then we we were five. As in “Five for Fighting” Ondoy’s wrath!

To be continued…

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Posted on December 23, 2009

Thank you for the gift. People should help each other in times of crisis.

@Homeowner – Your a blessing for us that night sir. Thanks and Merry Christmas to you and your family.

I knew you’ll find your way here sir. Salamat po sa pagbisita.

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