Hayup ka Ondoy – Final Chapter

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And so after a brief introduction, we found out that Man (1) and Lady (1) were lovers and they came all the way from San Mateo Rizal, while Man (2) just tag along with them from the gate of Cainta Greenpark. (im really sorry guys I forgot your names).

Moments passed and the house owner gave another sets of biscuits which we shared to our new roofmates lol. The atmosphere became less horrifying as we talked with one another, sharing our dilemma and even joke about it. Not enough sleep that night, for sure I would need the best eye cream for dark circles when this ordeal is over.

Time was so longggggg during our stay at the roof. Finally, at around 8am, the sun was shining brightly and the flood level has slowly receded (nabawasan ng mga 2 feet). We can now see car roofs and some people walking their way through the floods. I was the last one to climb down the roof. All of my roofmates left much earlier. I stayed for an hour more, because from what I heard, my place was still much deeper and risky to go to.

this  was the actual street I’ve waded, although the flood here has lessen from the actual time that I’ve pass-through.

At last, at about 10am, after an hour of wading (again) through the flood, I finally met my son Sean Kirk. He’s safe and sound. Good thing we have a neighbor who owns a two-story house where they stayed and somehow escape that dreadful flood. Thank God!

Hayup ka Ondoy! Dahil sa iyo marami ang nagutom at nagkasakit!
Hayup ka Ondoy! Dahil sa iyo marami ang nawalan ng mahal sa buhay!
Hayup ka Ondoy! Dahil sa iyo maraming naluging negosyo at nasirang ari-arian!

Pero dahil din sa iyo Ondoy, marami ang natutong magbalik loob kay Jesus. Maraming tao ang nagdasal at natutong magdasal. Its been proven that no matter how much technology we have now, its still no match when mother nature strikes. This event also symbolizes that we don’t own our life, and that any day could be our last. Always be prepared to meet thy creator with good heart and soul. The End

Thanks to all who patiently reads the whole Hayup ka Ondoy Chronicle. 😀

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