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I would never have thought even in my dreams that I would wear an eyeglass someday. I guess I was wrong, because a few months back and I’m begining to have difficulty reading newspapers, magazine, text on mobile phones and digital cameras, and other similar small object or characters. Good thing I can still read what’s on my pc monitor (1024×768 setting) without difficulty.

I have visit lately an Eye Clinic and they do some eye testing for me to determine the cause. The verdict, the optometrist told me I’m suffering from Hyperopia (my eyes has inability to focus on near objects or in layman’s word – farsightedness!) They later gave me prescription for an eyeglass to get better vision on near subjects or text.

Now that I wear glasses, I think it would be cool to wear something in fashion. That’s when I found out about the $ 8 Zenni Optical Rx Eyeglasses not only that it’s cheap and cool, but they have a wide array of eyeglasses to choose from – for children, the ladies, the sporty, the stylish or classic designs. And their frame is made from robust materials like, aluminum, stainless and even the lightest and sturdiest titanium. I definitely would like to wear one now.

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padre damaso
Posted on February 8, 2008

Farsightedness, hyperopia. Those are words best to cover up your real age. He he he. You are now coming into a middle age crisis, the next thing is your hair turning into white. HAIR? But don’t worry, talking about age I’m ahead of you a few years. Anyway everybody’s going into that direction. We are luckier or shall I say blessed for reaching our age now. Thank you to our Almighty for giving us so many blessed years in our life and many more to come.

Your a very wise guy or wiseman I should say 😀 and yes thank God!!!

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