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Last weekend was a blast! I was blessed to be allowed by my superiors (Mam Edith Doblada and Mam Marites Ibañez) to attend the Basic Photography seminar-workshop organized by Mathetics at the UST CME Auditorium, with the cool and vibrant speaker (not JDV) by the name of Mr. Oliver R. Rabara, MS – an art expert in – photography, paintings, interior design, etc..

The place was too big for us participant (were only 19) the funny thing is that we covered most part of the country! From north to south! Majority came from Metro Manila area like Taguig, QC, and Manila, and there are those that came from Bulacan, myself from Rizal and the walk-in group that amazes all of us because they came all the way from Davao, Oriental via airplane, outstanding!

Actually the two day seminar-workshop was too short to tackle and learn the basics, but Sir Oliver managed to deliver and teach us all that a newbie in photography needs to know. From philosophical theories down to the technical side. Although he also make us familiar with SLR cameras, I didn’t paid much attention (lol) since what I brought there was a Canon S3IS (a digital camera). I saw a lot of cameras(ultra -compact,SLR, DSLR)that my co-participant bring (ex. Lumix, Nikon, Olympus, Sony Cybershot, etc..)

On our last day, we even have time to have a mini photo exhibits for all the photos  we’ve shoot around UST campus. (lots of nice subjects there BTW!) Mr. Rabara gave us the floor to talk about our picture, which one do we like and why? He made some suggestions and also chooses what he likes from each presentor slideshows. I really did enjoy that part very much as I’m proud seeing my photos on the giant screen while holding the microphone and describing it(settings, style and story). Not to mention the applause after the presentation gave me some goosebumps. lol

Nice meeting you guys! – Mike, Nes, Paul, Roel, Thomas, Cyrus, Rowil, Reggie, Charmaine, Gladys, Roman, Dulce, Sydney, Pia, Candy, Patrick, Bona and Sir Oliver.

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Posted on May 18, 2008

hi.. i would like to know how did you do the adobe thingy. there are many you in one picture. i am also doing that but not as good as what you did. could you give me some tips on how to do that.thanks.

Compose first what would be your concept. (Ex. how many shots you would be in the final photo? your position in the photo?)

Then set your camera position. Use a tripod or just place it somewhere steady.

Use the camera timer. (I use 10 seconds, just in time to pose)

Edit it on Photoshop. Use layering. Paste the photo one by one on top of each other.

Decrease opacity so that you could see the photo beneath.

Then just use the eraser and erased all the unwanted image on top.

Do the same with all the photos. Then merged all the layers Ctrl-E

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Posted on January 26, 2009

Hi,I’m from UST and how come I’ve never heard of such photography seminar. I’d love to attend. Anyway. Do you happen to know Sir Oliver’s contact number? We’re planning to have basic photography lessons in our college.

Hi Frances – I was actually waiting for Mathetics to contact me for the Advance session also with Mr. Rabara. But until now no communications from them. Since you’re from UST, you could try and visiting the Mathetics office which I think is located just at the back of your campus. Good luck.

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