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The harmonious bonding of man and animal is well represented by this riding duo. (Bill the man and Sandy the dog). Imagine they have gone riding the Burgman (one of my dream ride) for over 23,000 miles up to this date.

This photo of Sandy is very cute

So how does Sandy ride?

Bill says: Sandy’s riding abilities are beyond what you might imagine. She uses the passenger backrest (with a specific position to place her butt) to allow us to accelerate and uses my back or shoulders to brace against during hard braking. And “yes”, we’ve done MANY panic stops in her 23,000 miles of riding. Sandy also leans into curves just like any good passenger should and it was pointed out to me by another rider that she watches the road ahead and switches sides before we reach the curve to be in the correct position to lean.

Is it safe for both of them?

Bill says: Do I think riding a motorcycle is safe? No… but we all assume some risk with many things that we do in life. You have to balance the risk with the joy you get from the fun things you do and Sandy certainly enjoys riding the Burgman. The Burgman is not just a “fun thing to ride” for us. It’s our primary transportation. How else would she have riding that many miles and yet is only 2 years old?

I actually see a local rider did this using a Honda Wave with his pet dog yesterday – much more difficult in terms of the size of the pillion! Anyway, just get easy with the throttle 😀

Ride Safe and Enjoy Riding Bill and Sandy!

Source:  www.somegeekintn.com
More pics and info about Sandy – www.sandythedog.com

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Thanks for the blog entry about us. Thought you might be interested to know that we’ve ridden well over 30,000 miles together so far and still continue to ride despite the recent rather cool temperatures here in Tennessee. A little cold, rain, or winds don’t hinder us too much. But ice on the road is one thing that will keep us home.

Back in July, we did two 3-day weekend trips that were over 1,000 miles each. Both trips we were able to enjoy riding the “Tail of the Dragon” in the Tennessee / North Carolina mountains which is famous for it’s 318 curves in 11 miles. It’s also (currently) famous for the number of police officers that patrol it. On one of the trips, we were pulled over for speeding (15 over the posted speed). As I told the officer, I wasn’t really watching the speedometer, but was instead paying attention to my line on the road. You have to watch or the Dragon might bite you. And given that I’m riding a scooter (albeit a BIG scooter) with a dog on the backseat, didn’t really have intentions of “carving up the road”. The officers decided to give me a ‘warning ticket’ and let me go on my way… after petting Sandy and snapping a few pictures with digital cameras. Here’s one of my favorite pictures of us taken riding the Tail of the Dragon :


After riding 1,000 miles in 3 days, there’s a new appreciation for the phrase “dog tired”.

Stay safe riding the Geely and you’re more than welcome to join us over at the BurgmanUSA forums. We welcome all riders.

Bill and Sandy the Dog

The pleasure is mine, Bill, and I’m quite honored with your visit here on my site. Your ride with Sandy is so amazing, specially with the Burgman (we have no Burgman here :(), and thanks for mentioning Geely – Im contented with her. No moolahs for great bikes. How I wish I could own one, lol!

Ride Safe Always and God Bless!

p.s. BTW how fast can you go with Sandy at the pillion?

What a cool dog! I thought my dog was cool when she rode with me on the forklift to unload deliveries, but this is better!

Sorry for the LONG delay in responding RareDog. The search I have setup didn’t note the page change so I missed your question.

Sandy rides at any speed. We’ve done several 300-650 mile days where the bulk of the time was spent at around 70 miles per hour. In short bursts, we’ve been over 90 MPH. Speed and wind are much less of a safety factor than traffic conditions. In this area, you have to ride as if everyone is “out to kill you” because with their inattentiveness, they are likely to if you’re not careful.

Thanks for the compliment karaoke music.

Bill and Sandy the Dog

Completely amazing Bill and Sandy! I salute you.

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