How to revive a drowned scooter

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side mirror mud

Who would thought that such flood would submerged our village. Just like what the engineers of the famous ship Titanic, I also thought our place were unsinkable. Im talking about the Typhoon Ondoy flood, where I personally saw refrigerators, office furnitures, and even cars and AUV’s floating leisurely inside our village.

drowned mio sporty

With water reaching 8 feet on the walls of our house, Miah haplessly became an instant victim. No worry because she’s not a person but a Yamaha Mio which we’ve named Miah. I didn’t revive her right away, instead I let her dry for two days. Here is a list on how to revive a drowned Mio hehe (or just any scooter for that matter)

naked mio sporty

1. Get her naked! tweet-tweet lol!(remove all the fairing)
2. Let her dry for a day or two. (am talking about the bike ok!) 😀
3. Drain the fuel from the tank, let it dry for a while, then fill her up with
fresh fuel.
4. Drain engine oil and replenish with a new engine oil
5. Drain gear oil and replenish with a new gear oil
6. Remove carburetor. Drain and clean it
7. Gently kick the kickstart to pop out dormant water inside the combustion chamber
8. Remove spark plug. Clean the tip. (replace if necessary)
9. Clean battery contacts. Drain and replenish with new distilled water
10. Spray WD-40 on ignition to repel water and prevent corrosion

This guide is for the engine only. As for the aesthetics (lights, horn, brake lights, signal, etc..) just open it up and clean it. Ok, if you’re done with 1 – 10 and placed back all the parts, then its time to start your engine via kickstart. It should start after a few kicks, keep on throttling until the fuel reaches the carb, then allow some time for the idling to get back to normal. That’s it! Enjoy your ride again.

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