Microsoft plans to buy Yahoo

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Microsoft and Yahoo merging?

Microsoft plans to buy Yahoo  and has offered a whooping price of $44.6B in cash and shares! Wow! That’s a lot of money! If this push through, it would cetainly rock the internet world. I always have the feeling that they (Yahoo and Microsoft) are merging, just by looking at the icons on my taskbar, hahaha! (as you can see on the image above)

Kevin Johnson, president of Microsoft’s platforms and services division said

The combination of Microsoft and Yahoo are more likely “credible” alternative to Google in the online advertising and services market. By combining the assets of Microsoft and Yahoo we can offer a more competitive choice for consumers, advertisers and publishers.

I hope they have good news for bloggers like me.  And that they would come up with an algorithm much better than pagerank. (this site was smacked by Google wahhhh!) I say “GO GO Go Guys! It’s about time Yahoo and Microsoft get connected and be HEARD! In my own language it’s “Yahung-Yahooo!” 😆

Microsoft + Yahoo = “Microoo”
sounds like “My Crew” cool isn’t it? Whaddya think? 😀

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Yahoo! declined to Mirosofts’ offer ;p

Posted on March 2, 2008

Your Yahoo has double meaning – your shouting for joy and the other is the URL, hehe just my two cents of course.

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