End of 2009 – Start of 2010

Whew! Im doin this post again! Got messed up with the server that’s why. Anyway, I’ve changed the title from “Almost Live Blogging” to “End of 2009 – start of 2010”.

The End of 2009 or December 31st to be exact  has left me tremendous events for me to indulge in my memory. I’ll just enumerate some of it.

1. got the chance to have breakfast with Imeldific at McDonalds Matalino Branch in QC (but she’s on another table haha)

2. at last! after having a PR0 for quite some time. Google gave me PR2! Check out the widget below right. (got it? flaunt it! style haha!)

3. I got the chance to practice some night shots with my digicam and was able to produce some cool outputs. (my first moon shot and candle shot, fireworks and the complex sparkle writing. After 8 tries, I gave up on writing the year 2010! I’ll post the photos later.

4. I enjoy the adrenalin rush for lighting up several fireworks with Jay2, Dek2,Kevin,and Darryl. From the safe “Sparkle”, to the retro Five Star”, to the attention- getter “Whistle Bomb”, to the small but terrible “Piccolo”, to the colorful “50 Balls Roman Candle”, to the literal Bang for Buck “super Lolo” and lastly, the fast and loud “Kwitis”

5. and lastly, at around 11:30pm, the sad news from my aunt that my cousin Ben died from his illness. He chose to leave the world on a spectacular date. So long cousin Ben, may you Rest in Peace with our creator.

That ends my year 2009. I still could say that alls well that ends well, and welcome to a fresh and (hopefully) peaceful and prosperous new year 2010 for all of us! 😀 😉 😆

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