Corelle Plate Drop Test

Does the word Corelle rings a bell? Sounds familiar? No its not the graphic editing software you moron lol! Its the popular(and expensive?) brand of dinnerware that’s been introduced in 1970 and is now recognized globally for its legendary strength and durability.

The company is so confident about their product that they promised to replace any dinnerware that broke, chipped, stained or cracked within the first two years, without requiring proof of purchase. And Corelle was the first tableware in its price range to make such a guarantee.

And since we had Corelle plates at our house, courtesy of our Tita from the USA (hope she won’t see this post, lol). I decided to do some testing with the Corelle plate ala Mythbusters, to see for myself if its really that tough!

raredog recommends Its one helluvah tough plate alright!

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10 thoughts on “Corelle Plate Drop Test”

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  2. I got some Correlle for a wedding present, and I have dropped it several times (but never on purpose). So far so good, but I figure one day when it slips out my hand it will be a goner.

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