Edible Grass

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edible grass

Did you guys know that there’s such a thing as “edible grass”?

Also known as “Edible Easter Grass”, this starch-based food is not exactly the type of herbal colon cleanser you can use to replace your veggies. If anything, the stuff tastes more like paper, because it was mainly designed as decoration for Easter baskets.

Although some grasses are edible by humans, sometimes only portions of it can be used. Humans eat the seeds of wheat, rye, corn, barley and even rice. Yes, rice IS a type of grass. However, unlike cows that have 4 stomachs, humans can’t eat the stalks or leaves of these types of grass (even the type that grows in our front yards), because their fiber is very tough, and not suitable for our sensitive digestive systems.

Maybe someday, science can make a real edible grass for humans. But it would be a rather scary thought, because we might have to end up pooping like goats. (Ano yun? Itim na jolen? XD)

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