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eiffel towerWhat to expect when visiting great places like France and Paris. The location is like a paradise for lovers. With its beautiful scenery and wonderful weather. Remember the Korea Tele-novela “Lovers in Paris”?

If your a Roman Catholic. You may want to visit and hear mass at the old and famous Notre Dame Cathedral. And if you love paintings or artworks done by famous artist like Leonardo Da Vinci you may want to visit The Louvre. Along the way Im sure you’ll be amaze by the beauty of old infrastucture and collosal monuments, that includes the neoclassical Arc De Triomphe and the magnificent and robust Eiffel Tower.

And lastly if your some kind of a bookworm. Don’t fail to dropby at Centre Pompidou, its where you can find lots of quality books within the first three floors of the uniquely design architecture that was built in 1971.

Here are some nice place to stay while you’re there.

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