Iblog4 Summit and 88DB.com Party

Posted by raredog in A.U.T.S., ... | 04.27.2008 - 9:25 pm

This was my first time to attend such gathering. I’ve been blogging for about two years now (to be exact this coming May 1 yipee!) and yet I dugg lots of tips and information from this kind  of event for bloggers. (More! More!!!) Newbies in the blogosphere would surely gain from it. (like Kevin, my partner the whole day )

Guest speakers tackled most of the important factors in making a good blog. (podcasting, video blogging, photo blog, moblog, pro blogging, copyright, etc..) The interaction With speakers welcoming questions from the bloggers are superb. Kudos to Janette Toral, organizers and all the speakers of Iblog4.

I was able to meet my online friend Miii personally and make new aquaintance like my seatmates (both in Iblog and 88DD party) Maricris and Deyeypee. The 88DB party at Katips was great! Nice games, raffle prizes and freebies. Too bad I wasn’t even called as a runner-up on the “come as your blog contest” If only they would look at my site header image, they would see that I am wearing the exact clothing that night. I shouted and clap for batangyagit but chickenmafia was the darling of the crowd. Anyway I just gulped all the beer infront of me and headed home before the clock strikes 12 hahaha!

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i actually missed it. we had a training on the same day… thanks for the photos. so far you have the most number of photos for the iblog4 summit and 88db party. i have been a number of blogs but they only have words about… hirap mag imagine. hehehe…


donG hO’s last blog post..promote and protect tubbataha

It was really nice meeting you! 🙂 I remembered the time I gave your blog a linklove! I’ll give another one soon! I really had fun at iBlog4 and the 88db.com party. I just love it! haha

Maki’s last blog post..Spot Pass in Trinoma (Part 1)

@ dong ho – Im sure there are more photos of the event. Maybe they’re not yet been uploaded by the indians. 😀 That includes Maki of course.

@Maki – How about this time you gave the love to me and not my blog. joke! Nice camera of yours. BTW is there a backdoor for an IE user on your site?

geri a.k.a. raredog’s last blog post..Iblog4 Summit and 88DB.com Party

Posted on April 28, 2008

Ang daya, wala ako sa list ng mga pupunta. Hindi tuloy ako nakakuha ng free food!

Anyway, nice meeting you~


@geri- the backdoor is installing firefox or safari… >:D!!!

Nah..you can just click that you wanna view my blog on the anti IE user page 😉

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Hi Geri. Great to meet you at iBlog4. Thanks for sharing your photos!

Hi Mi. Sorry about the trouble with your name not in the list. =(

Posted on April 28, 2008


It’s alright. I didn’t stay long. I was just there from around lunch time, the I had to leave early because I needed to go to educ to take care of grad stuff.

It’s all good.

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[…] iBlog4 summit and 88db.com party […]

Hi there. I saw you pero nahiya ako lumapit. 🙂

Ambo’s last blog post..iBlog4 Experience

@ ambo – the feeling is mutual bro. 😀 aww

Hahahaha ganun ba? Ang hirap pala pag baguhan ano? Di bale next time bawi ako.

Ambo’s last blog post..iBlog4 Experience

sayang wala ako dun.hay.buti andun si azrael at naisingit niya ako ng tanong! 🙂

batangueno’s last blog post..Little Losers Blogger Event

wow. thanks for the claps and shouts. 🙂

getting a support from someone who’s not from mindanao is already great for me. 😉 thanks.

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[…] websaytko.com – raredog’s chronicle » Iblog4 Summit and 88DB.com Party […]

[…] websaytko.com – raredog’s chronicle » Iblog4 Summit and 88DB.com Party […]

Wow! Nakita ko hitsura ko sa picture… hehehe! Ang galing! Nice meeting you sa personal mehn at nawa’y magkasama-sama pa tayong lahat soon para sa isa na namang matinding blog gimik!

deyey’s last blog post..88DB Bloggers Party

Sana nga deyey…sana nga.. 😀

geri’s last blog post..Inside the Drainage

[…] 15. Raredog – iblog4 Summit and 88DB.com Party […]

[…] iBlog4 summit and 88db.com party […]

[…] iBlog4 summit and 88db.com party […]

[…] iBlog4 summit and 88db.com party […]

[…] iBlog4 summit and 88db.com party […]

[…] iBlog4 summit and 88db.com party […]

[…] iBlog4 summit and 88db.com party by raredog […]

[…] iBlog4 summit and 88db.com party […]

Posted on October 24, 2009

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