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MimimalismThe Art of Less
Let’s see the subject of our picture in a different way. Let’s try to take a picture of something with one main focal point with no background clutter and no distractions. Let’s concentrate on just one main subject. Minimalism is about “simplicity”, emptiness & nothingness. Less is more.

Thinking what would be my entry for the “Minimalism Photo Challenge” this afternoon, and since I got no time to shoot outdoor, I guess I have no choice but to shoot indoor hehe.

That’s when I found my subject inside the (under renovation) Men’s Room at our office.  It’s not one of Grohe faucets you can find at some 5 star hotels, but it served well as my photo subject. 😀

As you can see the faucet is kinda awkward position, that’s true. Its because it shouldn’t be there in the first place. The plumber place it there to stop the water from flowing, while waiting for the brand new urinals to be installed.

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bro musta na dito? daming oops ah hehe. parang mahirap sahurin ang tubig sa gripo na yan.

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@dimaks – dami ba hehe (kita ba? haha) uu talagang palpak yung kabit, pang-stop lang talaga sya ng tubig. boto ka ha. hehe

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Nice capture!

Very minimalist. Less is more!

@jade and diva Fabulosa – thanks for appreciating. I’m inviting you to browse at our Galleria to see more great photos –

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