Cyber Boost 2010

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cyber boost

Got the chance to visit CYBER BOOST 2010 event at SM Marikina last Friday with fellow blogger ZenkX. The event took place at the Cyber ZOne. The affair was not that big (took us 10 minutes to circle around) compared to similar events held internationally hehe. But its okay since the organizers claimed it was their first. Maybe nextime they’ll get bigger.

Anyway, we were welcome with lots of freebies at the entrance (pc mags, game cd’s, baller, etc..) and were astonished by the line up of computer rigs modified by pinoy techies, next are the different high-tech products from some sponsors like the electronic cigarette,  giant LCD’s and high-end video cards built for graphic savvy games, and lastly, the nice mini-exhibit of photos from The Nikon Bullies.

ZenkX was a bit disappointed for she actually missed the Cosplay and because she was actually craving to have a seat at the supposed Lan Games at the venue. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find both. (maybe its reserved for the next day, whattaheck) Overall, we enjoyed the event (kahit mejo bitin hehe) 😉

Got video too! Click HERE!

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Posted on March 16, 2010

that event was fun! i saw you there sir raredog but i didnt know that was you…lol

@mel – boy or girl? nice meeting you one way lol

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