Fireflies by Owl City

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Fireflies by Owl City

You would not believe your eyes…. If ten million fireflies~~ , Sorry I was still suffering from LSS (Last Song Syndrome) since a chatter in Casvian browser game posted this Link in youtube redirecting you to “Fireflies by Owl City” song.

This song has this very catchy rhythm, maybe due to its hypnotizing electronic music. 😀

Well surprisingly the next day I have heard a number of people suddenly singing “You would not believe your eyes… If ten million fireflies~~  out of nowhere. I would have suggested them to read acne medicine reviews instead haha.

Due to its “Hypnotizing and bubbly tune” it really caught me into researching the composer of the song. This song was done by “Owl City” which was started by Adam Young, if you haven’t heard this song yet I suggest you do so, some other songs of his that I’ve already listened thru youtube are “The Saltwater Room”, “Hot Air Balloon” , and “If my Heart was a House” they are simply amazing, beware of catching the LSS thing like I did ^_^.

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