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ice cream

Today I saw spongebob sleeping in my dish. When I woke up, breakfast was ready and my meal was Tofu and rice . It’s a Fried tofu which is well-done and crunchy it tasted great with vinegar and soy sauce.

I find my meal too plain so I tried to check for other recipe for tofu. I found a variety of tofu recipes where new hair loss treatment is included. But what attracted my attention the most are the desserts made from/included Tofu.

There are Tofu Ice cream recipes out there, which I really liked especially the chocolate ones, there are even known restaurants which offers this Interesting tofu desserts one that I found was “Kyotofu”. There are even Chocolate Cakes made from tofu, so if you’re after these healthy desserts they are all around the net. Well I still love the Fried Tofu I use to eat, though I will definitely wanna try those tasty tofus real soon. 😀

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