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Elf Battle

Do you enjoy playing games that are only text-based? Or in fact have you heard of such games?  Well I’m very familiar to it; in fact I played a number of browser games where I only receive reports that are texts only.

There’s a lot of serious players who play this game, and I even got hooked to it that I needed  the best sleep aid, coz most of the games that are of these types require much of your imagination and time since everything happens in real-time, even as you sleep anybody could attack you.

After some years browser-based games have tremendously changed, they had images now together with the reports, damages received or damages done, resources that you have looted, etc. And just recently cubizone has released a game here in the Philippines which is “Casvian” this is one of the browser-based game that I would consider one of the most updated , still no download required, and based on Flash which enables us to see creatures battle it out on the field or in castle sieges.

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