Starcraft2 – Game of the Decade

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starcraft2 in 3D

I have been a fan of strategy games where you command armies, assigning them in strategic locations while anticipating enemy moves and strategy. Graphics are great bonuses, explosions , unit animations and pop displays even in 2D are things to appreciate. Starcraft:Broodwar is the game I have tried to master, but if you check how Koreans play this game? Damn you might give up on playing, its like a sport in Korea, they have teams and coaches for Starcraft tournaments.

It was almost a decade when Blizzard has finally announced the possible release of the sequel to this epic game Starcraft; a huge community of Starcraft players worldwide was surprised, very positive and has been anticipating the release of this great game. If you’re familiar with Starcraft this game was released in 1998, and due to its very balanced gameplay this game was included in WCG (World Cyber Games) where people around the world tends to compete.

Unfortunately “Starcraft  2”  after 3 years,  is still undergoing beta-testings, new units and models are being re-modified and balanced. But behold the tremendous changes in this game, specially its Graphics which was completely transformed from 2D into 3D still with the presence of few previous units and characters from broodwar. I’m very sure that a lot of people is still wishing this game to be released real soon. 😀

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I have been playing this since when I was in grade school. I am 25 years old now. Nice game.

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