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HTC WizardIts like hammer and saw to a carpenter, a blogger need some tools too for their work. Pen and paper is alright, but a more sophisticated equipment is much preferred. And that would be a computer (any pc that has a word processor), and a camera (capable of still and video is much better). From which I have found on my recently acquired HTC Wizard.

Its a Windows Mobile Pocket PC (PPC) with mobile phone capabilities. Running on Windows Mobile 6 (WM6), although the original unit has WM5. I have unlocked and upgraded it all by myself, well of course with the help of an expert (grinminded of airfagev and xda-developer forum).

This wizard have come a long way before it landed on my hand, lol! I actually found it on Ebay (the seller is in Miami) and I let my friend (Gerard) from New Jersey bought it for me. Very timely because his wife auntie is coming back home (free courier haha) and I just picked up the unit near my place.

So what does the HTC Wizard can do as a blogger tool. Well aside from all the usual stuff an ordinary mobile phone can do (sms and phone calls). It can also run lots of application that you find mostly on a personal computer; and it comes with an Office Mobile (Word, Excel and Powerpoint) so basically I can use the Word to write my blog using the stylus or the QWERTY keyboard that slides to its side when you need it.  A built in 1.3 megapixels camera (just right for snapshots and short clips). It can also play videos and mp3, a sound recorder if you want to do some podcasting or just to want to record a reminder, a drawing board for some sketching, and many more! But whatI really really like about it is that I can my write my blog almost anywhere (bus, restaurant, up a tree, hills, comfort room, etc..).

Connectivity from wired to wireless (infrared, bluetooth, direct cable, and wifi) So I can go online anytime or anywhere there is hotspot, GPRS or direct connection to upload my blog and photos. There are new models from HTC do check them out! But for the meantime I’ll just stick with my Wizard. So that’s my blogging tool. Handy and portable. What’s yours?

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