Colorful Journey of Arnel Pineda

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Arnel Pineda – The phenomenal singer from the Philippines, and now the world! Kudos to his friend Noel Gomez for uploading videos of Arnel on Youtube. Its where the popular rock group Journey found Arnel. And from there begins the megalosaurus and colorful journey of Arnel.

If only Queen (band who popularized Bohemian Rhapsody)  was still active I think they would be haggling with Journey to have Arnel as their lead vocals, Im sure Arnel would also be fitted to be their band lead vocals since Arnel (and Yjoz) loves to sing Queen songs too.

I idolized Arnel Pineda from way way back (early 80’s), during the time Ali Mall was the best mall there is in Manila, he was then performing at Shakeys with the Yjoz Band. The place was full-packed everytime they perform.

And now, year 2008, A dream come true for Arnel, for he has been making waves in the international scene by performing live with the rock band Journey as their lead vocals!  The crowd loves him! They feel Arnel has revitalized the group and has been born again. And the band members just feel the same. They feel fortunate to have found Arnel!

” I think Arnel is ‘the business!’ the guy can really sing! He handles the ballads with so much heart, and belts the rockers as hard, and melodically, as anyone I have heard. The songs are sensational – wonderfully crafted and deep, and so focused, you may wonder where they all came from.” from the astounded Kevin Shirley (producer of Revelation)

Journey recently completed a new studio album called “Revelation” which was released on June 3, 2008, in the US.

Watch the video that catches the attention of Neal Schon.

We will be waiting for your concert here in the Philippines Arnel! The Filipinos are very proud of you!  😀

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Posted on June 26, 2008

He’s simply amazing. Love the guy so much.

Queen fan
Posted on July 16, 2008

Queen is still active and Paul Rodgers (Bad Company) is their singer, has been for a couple years.

Posted on July 16, 2008

@maruja – he’s one in a million
@queen fan – hey that’s great! Thanks for the info man.

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Being an American non-Pinoy I have to say that JOURNEY is back and better that EVER with Arnel! There are not enough words to describe how AWESOME he is! He is the REAL deal and absolutely FANTASTIC! GOD has blessed him with the gift of song and I am so PROUD and HAPPY that he has answered the call to share it with the WHOLE World! Thank You Arnel! GOD BLESS and KEEP ROCKIN for MANY more years to come!!

Posted on August 16, 2008

I remember arnel with my uncle loloy (Rogelio Daza) in ijoz then became amo band. He’s a kind person. He always ask me if i like to drink beer. Althou he knows im still under age. Sometimes i worry when he drinks one glass of ice cold beer after singing endlessly. But still he pulls through the night. More power to you!!! Be proud!!! You are the best!!! GOD BLESS!!!

But I still like the Bohemian rhapsody more!!!

@Joy – I definitely agree with you!

@Gilbert – I love the performance of the Ijoz band too.

geri’s last blog post..By: Yna

Posted on February 6, 2009

I remember Arnel way back during the Yjoz days at Shakey’s, Ali Mall, in Cubao. My friends and I were there every Friday just to hear the band sing. Arnel, along with some of the band members, Sam and Kamlon and Jerry, would sit at our table during intermission. I had a big crush on Arnel during that time. He used to sing “I Can Wait Forever” by Air Supply (which became one of my favorite songs because Arnel sang it all the time). Way to go, Arnel!!

@Jade – He sang Air Supply songs flawlessly. I was there at Shakey’s Ali Mall also. Kasama ng mga naka-tambay sa labas lang. Not yet a drinker then hehe.

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Paul de Quiros
Posted on March 12, 2009

Finally, somebody who knows loloy, and a nephew at that.
My name is Paul de Quiros. I am a friend, probably best friend, of your uncle during our teens. We were bandmates during the 70s and 80s.
We lost contact late 1980s when he went to Singapore after his wife died. Since then, we and my frieds were trying to locate him.
I’d be grateful if you can furnish me his contact numbers, email or home address.
thanks in advance

Paul de Quiros
Posted on March 12, 2009

My previous comment was addressed to Gilbert.

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