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I really enjoy inventing names. Here’s my story.When I was in my younger years, I enjoy riding BMX bicycle. Not just riding, but extreme riding.  Like riding on stairs, jumping on top of my co-riders while they lay on the ground, riding down hills from a nearby dam, hittin’ some ramps, etc.  And from there, I formed a group called the NIGHTRIDERS.

Around 1982 to 1983, when I was with a group of friends who likes dancing, drinking, and staying up late, (hehehe), I named the group MIDNITE BOYS  (Magnificent Individual Dancers Now in the Era Best of Young)
In 1988, two friends of mine decided to go into business.  I suggested that a bikeshop would be good, bcoz we have so many bicycles.  I suggested them RADWORLD  to be the shop’s name.  I got it from a movie entitled RAD, and also that time the song Mad World of Tears for Fears was one of the popular hits.

Then in the year 2000, two friends of mine again, Jun and Gerald was thinking of opening up an Internet Cafe.  They asked for my help, that I would be the one to manage it and I accepted it. And again, I was the one who named it The P.O.R.T Computer Shop (PERFORMANCE ON REAL TIME).

I also invested on my own computer shop. I named it PC HAUS, simple isn’t it? You would think that I didn’t spent time thinking for my shop’s name. Actually it came from the street name where we live PESO ST so it came out with PC Haus (as in Peso St. Computer Haus), nice huh. But now it’s already close for some reason.

Some more names I had made:  SKDESIGN, and SKGEAR.  M2S  (Menace 2 Society) is also one I made for my friend who would like to open a store, selling famous criminals as his design. Likes GUERILLA WEAR, where their design logo is about the military, Che Guevarra, etc..

And of course, last but not the least, my nick on the net – raredog – which is also my real name in real life, but only the letters are juggled. 😀

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