Jejemons: Are you one of them?

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Someone in the chatbox of a browser game I usually play opened up this topic one day about “Jejemons”.  I thought it has to do something about Pokemons (Pocket Monsters) which are cute little creatures being trained by their masters to battle other trainers or probably a xenadrine rfa x review.

Well I was never interested about it until someone mentioned about checking it thru google because there’s a lot of Blogs about “Jejemons” now that made me curious and tried to check it out.

It really got my attention when I saw the sample chat message written in Filipino, I mean it is read in Filipino, but not spelled right because of Jejemitis (as I have researched this is the word they use for the illness Jejemons has). Since the sample chat message was in Filipino It really caught my attention and I found out that this “Jejemon” are persons who make words complicated to type or even to read, I just don’t know why would anyone do that but as they described it Jejemons are mostly seen in social networking sites such as Friendster, Facebook and Multiply, and it is a plague that spreading really quick ^_^,  who knows, you might be one of them.

Funny Jejemon Trick – You could try this if you got a Facebook account. Click Account >Account Settings >Language > Primary Language > Leet Speak  😀

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Posted on August 16, 2010

though it’s annoying sometimes to read a jejemon’s text, still, it’s a subculture of today that we should respect..?

@piscesghurl – totoo powh! jejeje

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