Hello HON, Goodbye DOTA

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heroes of newerth

So DOTA (Defense of the Ancients) has been a real popular computer game next to slimming pills haha! From just a custom map done/modified by IceFrog for Warcraft 3:Frozen Throne,  it had tournaments worldwide and was considered a balanced team-strategy game.

After a few years of domination, a number of games followed its gameplay, one of it is HON or “Heroes of Newerth” which was done by S2Games. While most of the characters in HON are unique, based on its physical looks, its heroes skills and abilities are very comparable to DOTA’s.

On its earlier release few people were able to play the game due to lack of provided beta-keys. Beta-keys are needed by each individual for them to be able to register and play. But since HON team announced its OPEN-BETA (Meaning no more beta-keys you just need to register) this April of 2010, huge amount of players had switched to HON due to its smoother graphics and cooler sound effects compared to DOTA. There is even a Team Philippines already, assembled for the HON game for international tournaments.

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