Daniel Dingel Water as Fuel

water powerDaniel Dingel – The genius Pinoy inventor who invented a device that uses water to powered motor vehicles. He and his was sensational back then. It could even landed on an episode of TV’s Ripley’s Believe It or Not, but his name doesn’t ring a bell anymore (not even for wiki) to most people particularly the new gen Xer’s because it was almost 4 decades when he invented it. Proven and tested to run the engine with a device that splits oxygen and hydrogen from the water, and with the hydrogen then used to power the car engine.

“The electricity from the battery splits the water into its hydrogen and oxygen components, and this hydrogen can then be used to power the car engine. Normally it takes temperatures of about 5,400 degrees Fahrenheit to generate hydrogen from water, but here I am just using an ordinary 12-volt battery,” he claimed.”

water as fuelAnd with high hopes to boost economy in the Philippines with his invention, he proudly presents it to the media many years ago on Philippine television. He was asking former President Marcos to support his invention. They (Marcos, Aquino, etc..) welcome his invention, but unfortunately there was this story about our government having an “agreement with the IMF and World Bank not to produce anything that would compete with their product” and so Daniel Dingel story slowly vanished during the years.

Daniel Dingel vision:

“Put up a foundation for the Filipino people, That is my dream. Not directly to the government but directly to the people. Hoping that maybe with the blessings of the good Lord, I can accomplish it. If I still live.”

With the price of oil skyrocketing in the world market. I think this is the right time to pay attention to Mr. Dingle’s invention. Who knows, it may also solve the problem of global warming. 


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  1. I have read a lot about this water car of Mr. Daniel Dingle from so many different sites up to this websaytko.com but nothing was mentioned about where or how to reach Mr. Daniel Dingle. Any body? Please.

  2. DanielDingel.com Webmaster
    Posted on July 14, 2008


    Please visit http://DanielDingel.com – Mr. Dingel’s newly opened official website. It already has a few videos and text, more content to come in the next few weeks.

    We have lots of video and txt what we need is how to reach Mr Daniel Dingel. We tried to send email to the address mentioned in the website but no reply was received. Tutoo nga kaya? Ayaw ko mag duda kaya lang yun ang pinapakita nila. Are you warm are you real Mr. Dingel or just cold and lonely, lovely work of art.

  3. @padre damaso – I guess its for security reason that’s why they don’t answer right away to your query. But I saw Mr. Dingel interviewed by Mr. Julius Babao last week, so I guess Mr. Dingel is hot and warm 😀

    geri a.k.a. raredog’s last blog post..By: Jessie

  4. geri a.k.a. raredog
    Posted on July 17, 2008

    @padre damaso – I guess its for security reason that’s why they don’t answer right away to your query. But I saw Mr. Dingel interviewed by Mr. Julius Babao last week, so I guess Mr. Dingel is hot and warm 😀
    geri a.k.a. raredog’s last blog post..By: Jessie

    DanielDingel.com Webmaster
    Posted on July 17, 2008

    Saang address po kayo nag-send ng e-mail and under what username? Kasi po kung simpleng “please give me Mr. Dingel’s contact info” ang message, hindi kaagad sinasagot.

    I’m still hoping for the best. Here are my two email address, padre_damaso1160@yahoo.com and deo.monzon@gmail.com and my mobile no. 09184853163. Mr Webmaster if you may want to screen me for security reasons, you may call at the specified mobile no. or just leave an instruction to my email.

    I am currently in Naga City and constructing 7 mini hydro power plant with a minimum of 5 Megawatt capacity with in the province of Camarines Sur. This is a private venture and no government assistance or what so ever. Kahit nga sa permit gumastos pa kami magkaron lang ng permit nag comply naman sa requirements. What a wonderful people in government we have. Importation of equipment is su[supposedly tax free plus incentives pa kaya lang gumastos din. Buti pa siguro nag bayad na lang ng tax baka mas mura pa. NAPAKASWERTE NATING MGA PILIPINO.

  5. mr. d. dingel, ang masabe ko lang mas maganda mag mass produce kayo ng invention mo na mabibili sa lokal na merkado in affordable price. bago maunahan kayo sa U.S. nga nag mass produce na ginawang kit for sale papunta na dito sa atin. nakatulong sa inyo sa mga tao huwag nalang e sabay ang bayan kasi ang namamahala walang tiwala sa kakayahan mo. bago tayo pumanaw sa mundo may naiwan pa kayo na legacy nga nakatulong sa bawat pilipino. o… di maganda ?
    bolontaryo ako mag installer/distributor sa amin lugar.

    maraming salamat.. . . mang jose of mindanao

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  8. Do people still believe in this Daniel Dingel and his Water Powered Hoax?

    I really do not believe in this guy Daniel Dingel. He is so full of bull manure. He just swindled a Taiwanese firm out of a lot of money and I think THAT (money) is the purpose of this dog and pony show he displays through the media. It is all smoke and mirrors, sleight of hand. He is not a scientist, just a clever magician just like Jun Labo (he works along similar lines).

    He claims to be sincere in “not wanting money” and “just wanting to help” but IF he is really sincere in wanting to help mankind, then why withhold his “secret formula?” I don’t buy the reason that “Oil Companies are Suppressing me”… that’s nonsense! If the Oil Industry objects, then he has the Automotive Industry to turn to!

    I also don’t buy what he says that he “does not want foreigners to benefit from a Filipino invention” which is BS too! If you find a cure for cancer and have the capacity to cure thousands of people, would you not take the opportunity to share it to the world whether Filipinos would benefit from it or not? The world now has wars and thousands are dying for oil. If you really are doing things “from the kindness of your heart” then you would do something to put a stop to it – no matter who benefits. But why isn’t this so-called “kindness of his heart” prompting him to “save mankind” from the clutches of the oil sheiks? Because there isn’t any “invention” but just a SHOW to elicit $upport for his water powered nonsense.

    Read the article below from the Inquirer:

    Inventor, 82, gets 20 years for ‘estafa’
    By Allison Lopez
    Philippine Daily Inquirer
    First Posted 03:11:00 12/20/2008

    Filed Under: Crime, Automotive Equipment
    MANILA, Philippines—Daniel Dingel, 82-year-old inventor of a “water-powered car,” has been convicted of “estafa” [swindling] and sentenced to a maximum of 20 years imprisonment by the Parañaque City Regional Trial Court.

    The court also ordered him to pay $380,000 in actual damages.

    Dingel, who has never revealed the secret to his invention, which he began in 1969, questioned the verdict but said he did not mind going to jail at his age. As of late Friday, he remained at large.

    “‘Hindi ko naman kailangan ng pera’ [I don’t need the money],” he said. “I had bigger offers but I never took them. I never asked the government for a single centavo … I just want to help.”

    Dingel was found guilty of taking $410,000 from Dr. John Ding Young of Formosa Plastics Group, a Taiwanese company, which gave it to him as research and development funds.

    The decision, written by Judge Rolando How of the court’s Branch 257 and released on Dec. 9, said Dingel defrauded Young when the inventor failed to fulfill his obligation of developing his “hydrogen reactor” and creating experimental cars in 2000.

    Veteran lawyer Frank Chavez, who was approached by Dingel on Friday, said he would immediately appeal the court decision before it became final on Christmas Eve.

    “I am taking up his case and will see to it that his conviction is reversed,” Chavez said. “Mankind will benefit from his invention … How will we know his secret if we put him behind bars?”

    Chavez, a former solicitor general, said he was impressed when he rode Dingel’s “water-powered” Toyota Corolla sedan.

    Preliminary understanding

    In his testimony to the court, Young said his group eagerly approached Dingel in November 2000 after hearing that he had discovered a way to extract hydrogen from ordinary water to power his 1996 Toyota Corolla.

    The unique device — a “hydrogen reactor” resembling a 12-volt battery — impressed the Taiwanese when Dingel demonstrated how it powered and fueled the car’s engine. They were also told that fuel from water had clean emissions as it did not produce carbon the way gasoline did.

    Convinced that the invention was genuine, Young and his group drew up a broad outline and signed a “preliminary understanding” with Dingel for several projects.

    On Nov. 30, 2000, the inventor flew to the Formosa Plastics Group headquarters in Taipei and received $30,000 in goodwill money and $20,000 for research and development after signing a joint venture agreement.

    No replies

    Young said Dingel asked for $300,000 to buy three cars to be used as prototypes for the invention when he returned to the Philippines.

    He said that after receiving the money by wire transfer, Dingel avoided replying to his emails on the progress of the project and instead sent copies of letters from other foreign investors offering Dingel larger sums of money.

    Young said that in September 2001 Dingel declined to sign the amended agreement when he was asked to go to Taipei to discuss mutual concerns on the project.

    Young said he kept his end of the bargain by sending another $60,000 in additional funds for R&D as stated in the joint venture agreement.

    He said it was then that Dingel began ignoring his communications. He said he sent demand letters for the return of $410,000 were but Dingel did not give the amount back.


    In his defense, Dingel said he backed out of talks with the Taiwanese after he was pressured to divulge details of his project, which he said he refused to do to protect his invention.

    Dingel said that after touring the plant in Taipei he was invited to become the company’s consultant and was asked to tour Formosa Plastics Group plants in Texas. He said he declined for fear for his life.

    “‘Tumanggi ako kasi alam ko may pinatay na imbentor ng water-fueled car’ [I declined because I know another inventor of a water-fueled car had been murdered],” he said, referring to Stan Meyer, who allegedly received threats from oil companies and was allegedly poisoned in 1998 because of his pioneering invention.

    Dingel admitted signing the joint agreement but said he did not know what he was signing at the time. He said an envelope containing $30,000 was given to him in appreciation of his consultancy work and $300,000 was remitted to him only as an incentive for submitting his drawings and designs.

    The court found Dingel guilty of misappropriating the funds he received from Formosa Plastics Group.

    Judge How said Dingel admitting that he received the funds and documentary evidence from Yung, such as the joint venture agreement, showed that the funds were given for “specific purposes.”

    “Mr. Dingel did not use the money for the purpose it was intended,” the court decision said. “…He excused himself from producing or developing the prototypes allegedly after entertaining the notion that his invention would be stolen. Since he thought of it, he should have returned the money to Dr. Young and told the latter to forget his invention.”

    The decision said that instead of returning the money, Dingel withdrew $375,603.89 from his bank account and left only $500.

    “He admitted withdrawing the money after learning that a suit had been filed against him,” it said. “His act of immediately withdrawing the money indicated bad faith on his part.”

    Judge How said Dingel failed to support with evidence his claim that he had earned the money and therefore had no obligation to return it.

    He said Dingel’s reasoning that he did not read the joint venture agreement before signing it was “too flimsy to be given an ounce of consideration.”

    “He did not purchase the three cars, [he] did not work on his research and [he] did not develop the invention … Mr. Dingel’s misappropriation of the money has no doubt resulted to damage and prejudice of Dr. Young and the FPG in the sum of $380,000,” the decision said.

    In an interview with the Philippine Daily Inquirer, Dingel said he was still willing to sell his biggest secret — on condition that the buyer would hire 200 Filipinos and their families.

    He said the royalties to be paid to him would go to a foundation he would set up for the poor.

    The Department of Science and Technology has dismissed Dingel’s invention as a hoax. Edited by INQUIRER.net


    Too many inconsistencies in Dingel’s statements.

    1. He said his “device” costs only PhP 500 to produce and he already has a prototype for it. If that’s true, then why did he need to ask for $300,000 from the Taiwanese just to produce 3 cars? $100,000 per car? Come on now. He even asked for $60,000 as “R and D” funds. Akala ko ba 500 pesos lang may “reactor” ka na para sa water car?

    2. He also said: “‘Hindi ko naman kailangan ng pera’ [I don’t need the money],” he said. “I had bigger offers but I never took them. I never asked the government for a single centavo … I just want to help.”… Really? If that’s true, then why did he ask for so much money from Formosa? Why is he grumbling that “I never get support from the Government” if he “doesn’t need money?”

    If he really has an intention to help mankind, then he would launch his invention and save the world from the “clutches of the oil companies”. I don’t buy the excuse that “Filipinos would not benefit if I sell the technology to foreigners”. That’s BULL. Everyone in the world would benefit if the (supposed) invention becomes widespread. If I had a cure for cancer, I would not keep it from the world but spread it whether “Filipinos would benefit” or mankind.

    He also says that he is afraid his “invention” would be stolen. HELLO! If it goes into mass production, others could easily replicate it anyway so what is he fearing?

    I know he has a lot of rabid Pinoy fans who trumpet how he exemplifies “Filipino Ingenuity” but only fools would believe in him.

    I couldn’t believe there are still people who are stupid enough to believe him. He said he needed “support”. If he already has the prototype, then the support he needed was mass production. If the thing only costs 500 pesos to produce then he would have no problem making arrangements with the many Pinoy/Tsinoy millionaires to manufacture that thing and put up shops that would install it in cars.

    I think Dingel’s racket works this way. He would peddle a sob story about a “brilliant but poor inventor” who “just needs support” but is neglected by the Government and yet is patriotic etc etc… Then some people would be willing to help him financially… until it comes to a point where he can give them a cockameemee excuse like “I can no longer do it because the oil companies will kill me” or simply ignore their communications (like what he did to the Taiwanese company that believed in him)…. Then the money disappears into his bank accounts.

  9. I just saw the video demonstration of Dingels reactor. When he remove the hose from it the vacuum to this line will of course cease and and can cause a vacuum valve to operate thereby opening a hidden line to a hidden fuel supply. This one does not really prove anything. But I believe that it is possible to run car on water, and I have a feeling that his device is real, I am an inventor I know what is fake or what is real. many inventors in the past have done this, although they employed different techniques e.g. Stanley Meyer and Dad Garrett to name a few, many has been killed. Why, because it will affect big business and people who has the capacity to control nations all over the world (including Big Brother’s). If Dingel is still alive today it could be that his water car is not real as this people see’s it or that this people believes that he has no capacity to spread the technology. He keeps saying that he wants to help and do not need money, so why not make a DIY plan reproduce it and publish. If Dingel’s technology is for real then his life is constantly in danger. To Mr. Dingel: Why not share it while you are still alive. Your sons, grandsons and everyone will benefit from it. and everyone that benefits will be in debt to you. Most of all you will be successful in achieving your dream/goal in life.
    In case you don’t know all people have same/common dreams, and that is “to be happy”. He wants a sports car because it will make him happy, she wants a big house because she will be happy, my brother wants to send kids in school so that they will have a good future and he will be happy to see it.
    Most people, not only Filipino, do not realize what their dream is, it is not in the future or somewhere or sometime, it is now right there in your heart. So go ahead be happy right now right where you are, do the right thing. jegeram@yahoo.com

  10. how build daniel dingle car water????????????
    help me plz in the circuit coil daniel dingle and how build power electrolyzer daniel dingle plz help

  11. Stop making dingel like some sort of a hero. He is nothing but crook and hoaxster. nakakahiya talaga ang ginagawa mo

  12. sir dingel ayos lang if you don’t wan’t share your invention sino ba sa atin ang mag se share ng ganon ka importanteng bagay na halos ibibgay mo na buong buhay sa research development and application ng libre lang. alam ko naman na namuhunan karin dyan…. I respect that. wag kang bibigay ng basta basta. meron din naman akong na diskobreng reactor and I’m not giving it away for free too…

  13. kung sino man ang naniniwala sa mga nakalagay sa site ng wikipedia, mag isip muna kayo bago maniwala. sasabihin nu na peke e bakit ang japan nakagawa na ng ganyang klase ng prototype. takot lang ang pinas kasi mawawala ang tulong ng IMF sa atin kasi hindi sila kikita jan. E libre ang tubig diba. Anong kikitain ng mga magnanakaw jan?

  14. mr. dingel,
    puede bang magstart ng makina na hindi pa gumagana ang hydrogen kasi gumawa na ako ginamitan ko ng baking soda ang tubig tapos on ang dc power kumulo ang tubig at naglabas nag hydrogen sinindihan ko umapoy kaso ng patayin ko ang dc power sumabog hindi ko nilagyan ng none return valve sumabog ang bubbler ang tanong ko puede bang habang umaandar ang motor puedeng humalo ang diesel at hydrogen wala ba dilikado

  15. Nothing will give for free… I encourage everybody to do also some research. the technology is just around the corner of the city. all the things needed is available in your local junk shop and local electronics store… start now. I’m almost there also. I finance my own invention and use it for my own use also. If I perfected my invention and if given a chance I will have to use it for my business like taxi or generator my store.

  16. May problema kasi ang ganyan na klase na invention (“Free Energy,…” waterfuel, magnetic motor with no power source)… Ang tubig kasi walang tax, then it’s free. Sa palagay mo kung ikaw ang may-ari ng big 3: shell, petron, caltex. hahayaan mo lang ang competitor mo na ang gamit ay tubig lang? Mura lang ang gunmen for hire ngayon… kaya mag-isip ka kung pasukin mo ang ganitong klasing research/invention. gamitin mo muna sa sariling mong buznis huwag mo bastang ipagkakalat. I replicate some of the HHO reactor and do some modification peru hybrid pa yong ginagawa ko. I did 50% up saving of fuel… peru yong target ko is pure waterfuel. share ko sana yong basic mga basic lang peru you can find that here in the net, just do some research and experiment. If you do experiment, ingat-ingat lang just do some extra precaution…

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