Its gettin hot in here

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Its gettin hot in here
So take off all your clothes – a cut from Nelly’s song Hot in here.

This is really happening!

It is climate change indeed! And it is our biggest enemy this 20th century.  More popularly known as Global Warming. Scorching summer here in the Philippines served as one of its proof.

If you think that the heat you’re currently enduring is normal because it is summer, please take my advise and stay indoors or go to cool places such as Baguio or Canada or if you got lots of moolah, perhaps having a Disney vacations with your love ones is a great idea.

According to PAGASA since March 08, 2010, they have not put out the possibility of a heat wave, and this month of April; Manila had temperature that rise up to 37 degrees, when our average temperature is only around 27 degrees, OMG!

It was even reported in Philstar that the “Palarong Pambansa” (Sports Event) which was done in San Jose, Tarlac, had to be suspended by DepEd for a few hours to prevent the athletes from possible incident of heat stroke.

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