Campaign season heats up

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nonoy aquino

The Campaign season here in the Philippines heats up even more, adding to the high temperature of summer. But our politicians would never give up taking chances for the mass’s votes; they would endure everything especially because it’s less than a week left before the actual voting fires off.

Most politicians would give candies, stickers, caps, and fans. And for the higher budget candidate a t-shirt or promotional tote bags in concentrated public areas. (mostly in markets).  These act attracts number of voters and provides them total exposure and good disposition to the masses.

But of course, as the election comes near, not all of the politicians would choose to do “good deeds” to attract masses;  some of them, as I have watched on TV (thru i-witness) are creating false issues or backstabbing, to tear down a rival’s popularity. There’s even a story of teens being hired to destroy posters of enemy politician, brochures containing bad information about the opposing party that would definitely affect their fame and name.

Well I guess politics is a battlefield, and they’re just playing their part, but this is where your real personality would come out, unfortunately it’s only the politicians who were to know their true self, why would they let the masses know of who they really are, in this battlefield the most important thing is to “Win”.

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