NASA balloon crashed

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When we were kids we always get fascinated by balloons probably coz of its being vibrant and it makes us wish we could fly.  These balloons are stuffs we often see at parties and not in clinicallix , that cause delight to the children. Well at least this is what we know of balloons back then.

But this  balloon is not something kids should play around, it isn’t as vivid as the balloons at the party, it’s actually whitish/silvery and is being used by scientist. This is actually a balloon made by NASA for experimental purpose, and was launched recently in Australia.

Unluckily this giant helium balloon which was set up to ascend around 40 kilometers high, malfunctioned after its release due to strong winds. Not to mention that its carrying a multi-million-dollar cargo full of scientific instruments which should have been used to help scientists and astronomers to see the space clearer.

Luckily no one was hurt, although it can be seen in the footage that the cargo endangered a man after hitting a 4-wheel vehicle.

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