Don’t fall sleep! Freddy’s back

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nightmare on elm street

Who won’t forget Freddy? The most ghastly character of horror films during the 80’s. He got the face only a mother could love and the most unique killing weapon – 4 sharp blades connected to his garden glove. Wolverine would look like a kid with Freddy’s knives.

And now Freddy Krueger’s back again to sow terror to moviegoers. I got the chance to watch its advance screening last night (courtesy of co-blogger Azrael and the pretty Sharon Yu) at SM Cinema 6 in Megamall. Based from the loud scream from the audience, I can say Nightmare on Elm Street continues to sends shivers and horror! This time they got more grossly scenes, more bloods and horrifying moments. Don’t watch this movie if you got a weak heart haha.

One thing only, I missed his nose. 😀

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