Overseas Absentee Voters

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The Filipinos got some how-tos for automated voting thru song  (Sexbomb – Bilog na Hugis Itlog  MTV) and a dance step that you could have used as phentermine substitute!

Unfortunately, there are thousands of people who were not able to vote due to technical problems from PCOS machines ,  as well as human errors. It was indicated in the news that most of them just went home and not being able to vote due to huge delays.

But how about the OFW’s? There were little mentioned of them in the news. Like what’s the OAV (overseas absentee voters) turned out? It led me to check for infos through the net, and it was claimed that there were very few who voted this year, compared to 2004 elections with 64% of the 233,092, this year it was disappointingly less than 15% of 589,830 OFW who voted.

In my opinion, it’s either our OFWs were busy with their work? Or got the “wapakels” attitude haha! That would just mean that their problems were not solved by the previous government and probably thought nothing would change even if they voted anybody at the present. Hope we get to hear from them.

At long last the election fever is over. Matatahimik na rin ang mga kalsada!

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