Encore Encounter

ENHWI-G2 Wireless RouterMy Encore Wireless router encounter yesterday doesn’t seem to call for a repetition (encore! encore!). It started when I saw and bought the unit at a nearby computer shop that fit for a king. I find the price irresistably low for a wireless router.

Then after bringing it home. I followed accurately the manual that goes with it. And within a few minutes I was joyfully browsing the internet flawlessly on my desktop. But wait, I almost forgot. I bought this for my laptop and not my desktop! lol 😀

So my desktop which is connected thru the lan port of the router via UTP cable can browse, chat and everything, so no problem with that. I then focused on this router for almost six hours yesterday (ILP – ihi lang pahinga) trying to configure it to connect to my laptop, but to no avail. The unit won’t cooperate at all. It just gave me migraine! Wahhh!!!

Got up early this morning, a bit refresh (albeit 4 hours of venetian night sleep only) Searched for some help on the net. I found out that I’m not the only one experiencing this problem. I did tried once more to configure the settings based from all the tips I’ve gathered, but still no luck.  By the way my laptop is tried and tested at hotspots on malls and at our office.

I don’t know If I’m missing something on the instruction details but for sure I’m gonna ride the high country in going back to the shop and ask for:

a. Assistance
b. Replacement
c. or better yet a REFUND!

What do you think? Voting is now officially open! lol 😀

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Updates! as of 10:45 am 07/27/08

After explaining my dilemma to the store clerk. She understood the situation and make a phone call to her boss for the final decision. And in just minutes she gave me a refund.  😀

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3 thoughts on “Encore Encounter”

  1. contact CDR king online tech support. http://www.cdrking.com or http://tipidpc.com/viewtopic.php?tid=120434&page=1

    gumamit ako nyan wala naman naging problema as in plug and play on lan and wireless. Kaya lang after 2 months wala na power or ayaw na mag power on so nag palit na lang ng ibang brand. I dont understand whats in to that brand of wireless router, according to some forumers in TPC it works 24/7 with no problem, some experienced the same as you did.
    As for me, better find a real branded one. A little bit more expensive but a lot less headache.

  2. in my case,i had no problems setting it up with my desktop. wireless worked ok as well. but then i noticed that the router seems to be rebooting every once in a while (i’m using a BayaDSL connection by the way)DC’d ka tpos connected ka na naman.worst part is, when you’re disconnected it would take you 15-30mins to hook back on! sobrang badtrip… at first i thought it was my ISP. so nag recta ako from modem to desktop…with no problems. i’ve tried the router with another desktop and a laptop with the same dilemma. Hassle sobra! Nagkamali ako sa router na to!

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