Venus Occultation

Posted by raredog in A.U.T.S., Anonythor,... | 05.19.2010 - 6:34 pm

We barely notice the moon nowadays, probably because the current generation prefers more of indoor activities. Even birth announcements and farming can be done indoors now, right? 🙂

I was drawn by the moon last night; I took a glimpse of it and had to take a second look. I noticed it had company. At first I thought of it as a normal star, but after looking at it longer the second time I was able to compare it to other stars.

Whoah, it’s like five times the size of a star, and it doesn’t twinkle but rather shines brighter. It made me check the net to see whether other people noticed it. The exact time that night, I saw lots of pictures and even videos that were already published by Filipinos in the internet. They were posted a few minutes ago while I was staring at the moon.

Finally, my ignorance was washed off, it never occured to me that the shiny thing i thought was a star… is ACTUALLY A PLANET!.. It’s Venus!. Cool, it’s my first time seeing such a phenomenon, hope you guys saw it before its occultation ^_^.

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