Swimming and Scuba Diving

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scuba diving

It’s ironic, I like seeing undersea creatures on videos but I have a fear of the sea, primarily because I cannot swim T_T, maybe I need to check on enzyte reviews to encourage me a bit. Add to that irony, my country, the Philippines is an archipelago, meaning there’s a lotsa water around to enjoy (ehem, talk about great beaches and great babes too).

There’s more reason for me to swim after knowing that the Philippines received a big recognition overseas, being 2nd placer in the Top 100 diving spot worldwide. “Scuba Diving” a magazine which is recognized around the globe, surveyed 5000 of their readers to name the best diving destinations categorically. It’s great that the Philippines is well known to them and kept it on top 5 in most category and made it 2nd place overall. This was made possible by our people taking care of the undersea corals and marine life we originally have here, I hope they stay safe and beautiful. So I could explore them someday when I’m already a swimmer haha. 😀

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