My Lucky Cap

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lucky cap

As you can see from the photo above, I’m wearing the same red (USC) cap on two occassions. Hindi kasali yung t-shirt ha, natyempo lang na black din pareho hehe. (BTW, I love wearing black tees).

The one on the left was January of last year, when I was awarded an Ipod Nano by Nesvita for being one of the 10 finalist for their video blog contest.

Then, the one on the right was just last Saturday, May 29, 2010 to be exact. This happened when I went to SM Taytay for their Grand Wifi Launch. The SM crew prepared a number of games that day. Most of it are online, of course mainly for the purpose of stress testing their new WiFi setup. The more contestants, the better hehe.

I joined two of the games. One is Live Blogging and the other was the On-the-Spot Video Making. Luckily, my blog post was picked as the No.1 entry, while I got 3rd place on video making.

Not bad though. I got a free sumptous lunch, and went home with a black ilovesmcitytaytay T-Shirt, a dogtag from SilverWorks, a Devant Portable DVD Player as my prize for the blog,  a P500 SM Gift Cheque for the video contest, and lotsa other cool schwags. Thanks SM Taytay! 😀

Of course I give credits to my friend Glen, who’s now in America with his family. He’s the one who gave me the lucky cap! Thanks bro! Wala na bang kasunod? hehe! 😀

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