kaka-loka contest

Bato-bato sa langit! Tamaan wag magalit!

sourgraping courtesy of http://www.sallyminker.comBad loser maybe? Sourgraping – yes I think you can call me that! But that’s what I really feel after joining this so called kaka-loka video contest. It is sooooh unfair!  Grabe pagkakaluto! Hindi lang medium rare, Well done talaga! This contest are biased! Who were the judges? Why don’t they even show the score/rating of each entry, or present as to how and why did it win? Paano yun turo-turo na lang?

To be true to you guys,I got so deeply involved with this contest that a lot of my personal time went to this. I said to myself that if my entry wasn’t good enough in the eyes of the judges, I will try naman the popularity tactics (which is one of the contest criteria). Dun naman ako babanat, at least kung mababa man ang rate ng video ko, me pang-bawi naman ako. So I made my blog and video link scattered to some sites and forums. Inviting friends, relatives (at kung sino-sino pa) to view my video, etc…etc.. It actually became part of my daily routine that begins last second week of July.  It was tedious yet fruitful.

After several days my blog post can be seen on all major search engines. Got the top position at Big G Blog Search for about a week! And believe it or not its still in the number one position on MSN (for the contest keyword) as of this writing! The video got the same results too! (a thousand views plus some nice comments). So sabi ko atleast me panglaban na ako.

Im not holding a grudge to any of the entries (halos lahat pinaghirapan at magaganda concept and styles). Pero paanong hindi ka naman mabwi-b****t eh napaka unprofessional the way they conducted the contest. They initially set a deadline. Tapos out of the blue bigla na lang na-amend yung rules? Sana kung before nung said deadline na-annouced na extended. Eh ang kaso tapos na deadline nung maisip nilang i-extend???

After the original deadline we were five contestants! And with that in mind, I feel a bit relaxed knowing that the sponsor has four major prizes at stake, so chances of winning is somehow magnanimous (kahit 4th placer man lang di ba?). Then two days before the announcement of winners, I found out that we were abruptly became seven! What the f**k! How? Why?

They don’t even bother to announce it on their site. Instead, I got this information that one of the contest organizer asked in public “kuno” via some social networking service (what about those who don’t have these?) if they like the contest to be extended. In which apparently a good number of people said “Yes”! What about us contestants? Don’t we have the rights to know also that its being extended?

Okay, so a lot of them said yes! Fair. Let’s extend the contest ekek. Then here comes the most tastiest part of the lutong macao. Its this simple. If a lot of them show signs of eagerness to extend the contest then why there’s only two who submitted??? With emphasis on the last one who submitted because he’s a buzzer beater (with only just a matter of hours after the new deadline) isn’t that quite obvious? Its like the whole extension thing is suited just for him??? If I were the judge, that video is the best for me! Ang galing eh! Kaso nga lang….Delicadeza where are youuuuuu?

Para bang nagpa-contest ka sa jungle ng Cat-Look-Alike Contest, then you let a kitten join! Of course me iba pa bang mananalo? Or have you heard of this sabong story where a man brings a duck inside a sabungan for a cockfight, and amazingly the duck wins! hahaha!

A day before the main event. Mejo malata na pakiramdam ko. I even told some contestants na parang na fo-forecast ko na what will happen next. The bad thing is I still went there because of some agitated supporters telling me na “punta ka bro sayang, baka mali lang yung perception mo”.

You might ask. What if I won? Would I still post this rant? Hmmmmm depende sa prize, lol! Sori sa mga nasagasaan ko with this post. I hope you understand. I just have to let it go or I’ll burst.

Anyway. Life goes on… Thanks for this experience. I actually became much closer to God, (kaka pray manalo hehe)  I actually found a new sets of friends who are all great movie makers. I salute you guys! And to all that helped and supported me throughout this contest. Maraming-maraming salamat po sa inyo! Peace to all!

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25 thoughts on “kaka-loka contest”

  1. I know how it feels man. Geez, some contests that I have joined have flaws too and I was really upset about that. For such contests like these, they should have thought twice before making a move or else we bloggers will attack them until they fall down into pieces so that justice will be served.

    You are not a bad loser or a sourgraper. We both share the same feelings, I never care if I win or not but when I see some flaws, just expect the unexpected. 🙂

    Pweng Bee’s last blog post..IZEAFest 2008

  2. Don’t get mad bro, lets get even. Remember the story I told you about Mr. Jingle Power? he he he we got even.

  3. No, we are not mad. This is how we want to get even, we followed the rules and we deserve some respect. As the golden rules says, “Do not do unto others what you do not want to do unto you.”

    Can you tell me that story padre damaso? 🙂

    Pweng Bee’s last blog post..IZEAFest 2008

  4. Geri! Ramdam ko na magcocomment ka tungkol dito, he.he. Kaya pabalik balik ako e. Di ko kasi nagustuhang hindi tinapos ipalabas ang video mo. Ang labo e, dapat ni record na lang nila yung mga video tapos sunud sunod na pinalabas. Pero sa totoo lang, matagal na kita gusto ma meet kasi natutuwa ako sa blog mo. Nice to meet you! Sana it was under better circumstances. May isa pang contest sa Cream-O mukhang masaya! Sali ka! Baka magkita kita ulit tayo! 😀

    Gerry Alanguilan’s last blog post..Buhay Coke Bloggers Party

  5. I understand your sentiments bro. Like you, I feel that the contest was not well organized (or at the very least, the awarding program was not properly planned).

    It would have been better if the judges were introduced and the selection / judging process was explained.

    Likewise, I have nothing against the winners. I believe that everyone did come out with great videos.

    I think I was actually in last place because mine was just a simple photo slideshow but it didn’t matter. My original goal was to promote my blog which I think I succeeded in some way.

    So that’s it. Let’s just charge this to experience. No regrets. Take the lessons. And as you said, life goes on. 😀

    Fitz’s last blog post..Stephen Hawking Hits Zero Gravity

  6. no matter what you’re still a winner for us…babalik naman sakanila yun diba… bato bato sa langit! kanta nalang tayo

    buhay kok….. ang lungkot dito….buhay kok tikman mo…. amoy luto…. tikman mo…. wahahha corny bb po!

    Rai’s last blog post..Shopping for Clothes Online ?

  7. Kaka-loka talaga! You dont have to worry Geri coz you did your best. For me your a winner! I dont know if the judges and the organizers also did their best. . . in cooking? The great chefs ever!

  8. Thanks po sa lahat ng nag-iwan ng comment.

    What’s the purpose of the contest? Its to promote the product di ba? Sa tingin nyo with all the links and views that my blog and video have gained during the whole period. I think I did my assignment well.

    So…Who did best in promoting it???

    geri’s last blog post..kaka-loka contest

  9. Yes of course, that is to promote the product. With your effort, you have not only promoted your blog but also the product itself. Now that we know this contest had some flaws, I think the product would not boost some sales as of today.

    Pweng Bee’s last blog post..Being The Best Blogger

  10. Nako! Geri naman, magsusukatan pa ba naman tayo ng ganyan, who did the best or what? Sa tingin ko you did your best in promoting it. At ako din! At yung iba din! Tayong lahat!

    Sa akin naman, ok lang na extend yung deadline para mas marami ang makasali. Sa akin walang pagkakaiba kung July 31 or August 5 ang deadline. Bakit tayo matatakot sa competition? Dapat welcome natin yun kasi ikabubuti rin natin yan in the end. Mapepwersa tayo lalo pang pagandahin ang gawa natin in the future. Ang dahilan lang naman kung bakit natin ayaw makasali ang iba para tayo ang manalo, diba? Tingnan mo, kung hindi nakasali si Az, edi sana ako ang first place. he.he. Pero Ok lang sa akin yun! Pinaghirapan din naman ni Az yun.

    At anu yang mga speculation ng iba dito na luto luto daw…at nagsusumpa pa ng karma. Sus! Ako nga ngayon ko lang nakilala ang marami sa mga taong involved. Ngayon lang ako sumali sa event na ganito. Para na rin nyo sinabing nandaya ako, diba? Pinaghirapan ko rin naman ito, at ginawa ko ang part ko na promote ito.

    Tama si Fitz, let’s move on na lang. Isang malaking learning experience ito, syempre sa akin din. Mag inuman na lang tayo minsan! Meron ako ditong dalawang galon ng 2 year old lambanog! Ano sey mo? 😀

    Gerry Alanguilan’s last blog post..Ruben Yandoc Preview

  11. I can relate to this post since I am also into joining contests. There was one contest that I joined and the participants were asked first before it was decided to be extended. And the top points earners were given an extra way to earn points. There was one participant who just joined when the contest was extended and she was making a lot of entries which are not even valid. I won the contest and I have not heard from others, even comments just to congratulate the winners. My prize was even delayed.

    Pweng Bee’s last blog post..Being The Best Blogger

  12. well…for me kaya nga tinatawag na kaka-loka video contest kasi talagang maloloka ka sa mga results! hahaha! hmmmn…!? i’m just kidding. I don’t know about his contest but if it’s really a contest it should be judged fairly and squarely. Judges and organizer should present to the audience and to the contestants the rules, the policies, the criteria and the result of the contest. It should not be kept for the sake of privacy, secrecy or whatever, since it is a contest it should be presented well. It’s not the prize or whatever, it’s the honor and pride we can gain from joining in any contest. The validity of the contest is proved by a fair judgement. Sa organizer ng contest kung wala kayong tinatago na pagluluto ng contest, bakit di ninyo maipresent ng maayos ang result? hmmmn…!??????

    arjhay’s last blog post..To Botox or not

  13. sorry ha! medyo na delayed ata yung pagkakabagok ng utak ko! hahaha! i think was there in this video contest na to! hahaha! everybody deserve to win, dahil pinaghihirapan ng lahat, pinag paguran at kanya kanyang style sa pag gawa ng video. I agree with you, di nga natin nakilala yung mga judges that night, pero what happen is that di naman lumalayo si Az dun sa concept niya, dun sa theme ng contest, your video is good, kaso cguro yung mga judges ay di lang masyado nagustuhan ang concept mo. everyone deserves to win, but only one will rise among the rest. Cguro pagbutihan mo na lang next time (yan kung meron pa! hehehe!) prove to them that you’re worth to win. Sometimes, contest are not really meant to be a contest, it foster friendship and brotherhood among contestants and interactivity with the audience.

    arjhay’s last blog post..World?s Thinnest TV

  14. better luck next time na lang pareng gerry! tama, charge to experience mo na lang. at least next time, people can be more vigilant on the issues that have been raised here. ganda nga nun video mo e, pati yung concept. sasali sana ako, with the help of a friend here in Japan kaso hindi nag-materialize. in fact may shoot na kami, hehe.

    dimaks’s last blog post..A Blog Award

  15. @Gerry – tukayo!

    Nice meeting you in person din. I have no qualm or whatever with your entry, ok siya, funny and entertaining – coming from you ba naman, di ba – komikero

    I respected your opinion, no problem with that, yun nga lang mejo in some part mag-kaiba tayo.

    You said “Sa akin naman, ok lang na extend yung deadline para mas marami ang makasali”

    Para sa akin this is not a contestant instinct. This attitude is for the contest organizer. The more entries na sumali, means that the contest they have started is successful. Di ba?

    You said “Sa akin walang pagkakaiba kung July 31 or August 5 ang deadline.”

    Meron kaibahan. Sa aspetong teknikal. Lalo na kung hindi man lang pinaalam sa atin at hindi nabago sa kanilang official site na may changes sa contest rules. Ang nangyari tuloy, nagulat na lang ako! Bulagaaaah!

    You said “Bakit tayo matatakot sa competition?”

    Sa bawat contest po or competition hindi po nawawala ang kaba o takot. Lalo na’t dehado ka. Sa palagay ko mawawala lang ang takot mo kung tingin mo eh llamado ka or nakakasiguro ka na sa panalo mo.

    You said – “Ang dahilan lang naman kung bakit natin ayaw makasali ang iba para tayo ang manalo, diba?”

    This one I like. Dito ako sang-ayon. I think its the normal attitude of a contestant.

    You said – “Sus! Ako nga ngayon ko lang nakilala ang marami sa mga taong involved.”

    Ako noon ko pa sila kilala. I just don’t know if its vice-versa.

    You said – “Mag inuman na lang tayo minsan! Meron ako ditong dalawang galon ng 2 year old lambanog! Ano sey mo?”

    Yan ang masarap! Unfortunately hindi na yata kaya ng atay ko ang lambanog. But I still do drink hard liquor. Gin pede pa ako. Have a nice day tukayo 😀

    geri’s last blog post..kaka-loka contest

  16. hinidi ko pa din nacclaim ang prize ko., sadly, no matter how much i email them, they wont respond.. 🙁

  17. geri, 100% akong saludo sayo. you hit the target point. sometimes it’s hard to say anything about on this issue because what we are trying to proved here is that somebody is wrong or somebody is right somewhere between the line. but the contest is over, they have announced the winners, others win, and we have to accept the fact that we lost. we can not please everybody to like us, we can not force them to be always on our side, the most important thing is that everybody learned a lesson from this contest (hopefully). I understand na nag sourgraping ka,we understand, we also lost before in other contests but life must go on, we should not stop here to live our own lives. marami pa tayong mapag daanan na mga contests, and we have to prove next time na kaya din nating tapatan yung mga di natin nagawa ngayon. you have done your best, you lost, you learned something from it and that’s the best thing about it. bawiin na lang sa inuman! hehehe! joke lang po! di po ako masyadong umiinom! hehehe!

    arjhay’s last blog post..Olympics Photos

  18. @arjhay – Bakit lagi akong error sa site mo? Anyway, salamat sa lahat ng comments mo. Its very enlightening. I have actually move on. Two days ahead of the announcement 😀

    geri’s last blog post..kaka-loka contest

  19. Geri, thanks! atleast alam ko ngayon na medyo na appreciate mo din yung mga pinagsasabi ko! (kahit minsan walang katuturan) hehehe! joke lang po! i don’t know bakit lagi kang error sa site ko, pero I think okey naman po yung site ko. I’m glad that I have witnessed such video blog contest, I have seen some controversies, you have poured out your emotions, and we have all learned, and that’s the best thing about it. Keep on going! Life is so beautiful. Cguro there are things na mas nakalaan para sayo, mga bagay na sobra pa dun sa mga minimithi natin. Time will come and only time will tell, darating ka rin sa punto na makilala yung mga obra maestra mo! Good luck to your journey and good luck to all of us!

    arjhay’s last blog post..Food for the Olympics

  20. bro, sabi ko sa yo, “life is cruel”… sabi mo, “nahhh”… sabi ko a dean in de la salle rejected me when i enrolled there becoz i have cp… sabi mo, “buti ka pa nga may pang enrol” i admire your enthusiastic outlook in life. pero our enthusiasm alone can’t hide the anomalies in this good ol’ place called earth. Cory Aquino, up to now, is still asking for justice for the death of her sweetheart. yung biktima ng martial law eh hanggang ngayon humahabol pa rin sa nakuhang pera ng pcgg sa mga marcos. nakuha na ang mga ebidensya na nandaya si migs zubiri sa senatorial election pero si coco pemintel di pa rin nakaka upo… LOL! malayo ang mga ito sa buhay coke video contest pero that contest had somehow broke some hearts… staying light and happy about bad things is not bad at all… pero kung lalaliman lang natin ng konti ang pananaw… ito siguro ang dahilan kung bakit di na matigil sa kusina ang mga lutong makaw… dahil siguro we are light, calm, and understanding… and happy about it. mabuhay si gloria macapagal arroyo! nabubuhay sya sa mga bula ng softdrinks! LOL

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