American Idol: Season 9 has ended

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lee dwyze

It’s as fast as prevera reviews that I haven’t even noticed American Idol: Season 9 have ended! Yet anticipating for another great season as they hooked with them a number of promising performers.

Yes, it’s another male singer who has won this season after Kim Allen. Lee DeWyze, 24 years old, from Illinois sung “Beautiful Day” for his finale, (Though I think its how he sung “Hallelujah” which made him win ^_^).

Anyway it’s a double celebration for those Lee DeWyze supporters and Simon-Haters (Specially those who received insulting comments during auditions), Simon Cowell officially confirmed he’s leaving the show and this is his final season, he told the media that this has something to do with him being a judge in X-factor and as well as being its executive producer. Bye Simon and welcome crazier people next season (now that Simon’s not around). 😀

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