Babay nAPO daw sila

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APO Hiking Society

When I was a kid, I have always thought that the “APO” in “APO Hiking Society” was the highest volcano in the Philippines. And I just knew from Wikipedia, that it actually originated from one of our great National Hero “Apolinario Mabini”, and even the fact that they were originally composed of 13 members which went down to 3, Wow, I wonder what happened to the rest of them.

I had the sudden interest to know more about APO Hiking Society after hearing that the band which stood for as long as a bad breath treatment runs, lol! That is about40 years, and contributed a lot to the Philippine Music Industry, just had their last month of farewell concert this May which ran since February this year.

I haven’t seen or heard much of the trio for years, probably because they had a lot of concerts overseas entertaining our “Kababayan’s”!

I  just actually remembered them because of the tribute made by young bands back in 2006 (Kami nAPO muna) and 2007 (Kami nAPO muna ulit), yet I really feel bad that the group is already leaving the industry, they are legendary in their own rights!  Babay nAPO daw sila.

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