Shocking Sinkhole

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You can cast a sinkhole using 2 swamps if you’re playing black, hehe that’s if you’re playing Magic (The Gathering) Cards. its kinda magical spell which you can use to topple your opponent in that card game.  That’s the only thing I know about sinkhole, , I never knew how it looked and how scary it is in reality. You might need info about best weight loss pills review to know how huge this sinkhole is.

I was opening my email yesterday and happen to see the news in yahoo about a sinkhole in Guatemala, where it swallowed a 3-storey building. I got really shocked after zooming the picture closer. The image seems like a scene in the recent movie 2012, so damn scary!

The scene is currently being investigated as to what has really caused it; floods and rains in Guatemala may have also caused it according to specialists.

I’ve watched later on the news at TV that there are similar sinkhole here in the Philippines, but not that enormous as it it was in Guatemala. Some say that it was the gateway to hell and others said that UFO or aliens lift off their spaceship underneath the earth haha! All that crazy things popping-out with this strange phenomenon.

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