Vin d Honneur

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The same day we celebrated the Philippine Independence Day last June 12, 2010. The president, Gloria Macapagal Arroyo also held a “Vin d Honneur” in Malacañang Palace.

I got interested upon hearing the news reporter on TV pronounced “Vin d Honneur” (/váN do núr/), and went loco searching for what it means. There’s a number of meaning indicated on net though, but to cut it short, it’s a celebration.

This is her last Independence Day celebration as President of the Philippines, it’s farewell to the great office furniture in Malacanang. That’s probably why the celebration did not only embark upon independence. It also highlighted the parade of the 11 floats, 10 of them signifying each letter of the acronyms B.E.A.T.T.H.E.O.D.D.S. (isn’t that great ^_^). These floats allowed the people to be informed of what her (PGMA) government has provided the Filipinos in her 9 years of presidency.

I like acronyms, so I say Kudos! to the organizers who brought that up, by the way “BEAT THE ODDS” meant, Budget reform, Education for all, Automated Election, Transportation and Digital infrastructure, Terminating hostilities, Healing the wounds of EDSA, Electricity and water for all, Opportunities created from 6-8M jobs, Decongest Metro Manila by decentralization of gov’t offices and new transport infrastructure systems, and lastly Develop Subic and Clark as globally competitive logistics hub. Not bad at all!

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