Whistle for Crime Prevention

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It’s back to school day for Filipino students last June 15, 2010. Sigh, how I miss going to school, a LOT.

Anyway don’t be surprised if your kids went home this week carrying a whistle with them. On June 16, 2010 Policemen has distributed thousands of whistles (whoa! they should submit this event to Guinness!)to students, pre-schoolers, teens and even colleges. This isn’t something to make students more noisy at school or an alternative way from raising your hand to recite :).

According to the NCR (National Capitol Regional) Police Office Chief, Director Roberto Rosales, this is part of the campaign to minimize crime and to serve as protection for the students.

I happen to check out a few forums about this project and there are mix opinions about it, I say it would only be effective if everywhere or most streets will have roving policemen. Actually, this will benefit them because it act as a lower ab workout for them too.  Or else better blow that whistle real LOUD!

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