Sexy Namie Amuro on Coke Ad

Posted by raredog in A.U.T.S., Anonythor,... | 07.01.2010 - 8:31 am

I’ve just finished my breakfast while in front of my laptop which is by the way under laptop insurance of course, nowadays you need it :). I got really thirsty after watching the Coke Zeroad on youtube, dunno why, It’s probably bcoz of their new model haha!

Coke is definitely a popular drink, I cant say how popular it is in most countries, but having an asian model as hot as Namie Amuro! WoW!

I’m sure Coca-Cola company made a very smart choice in choosing Namie Amuro. She is a popular Japanese entertainer-singer and was a former actress.

Having her represent Coke would capture most age group for Coke Zero, may it be male or female, in my opinion :). Females would never stop adoring Namie’s hot curves made from drinking the sugar-free soda, and of course males would drink just from admiring Namie Amuro ^_~.

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