Canon A710is Lens Pimp

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lens filter, canon a710is

I’m itching for a camera upgrade, but due to lack of moolahs (hanggang kamot na lang hehe) I think for the time being I’ll just pimp my cam for some accessories . I instead look for sumthin way cheaper than to shell out a thousand bucks for a new camera, after all my Canon A710IS still can kick some @ss .

I then found this cool set of filters at Ebay (price not disclosed coz I might sell it later haha) and its really a bang for buck item. It consist of 4 filters (a UV filter, a polarizer, a diffuser and a close-up filter) and an adapter tube.

I’m getting the usual ooooh’s and ahhhh’s whenever friends and passion peers saw my filters attached to my cam (pogi points ika nga hehe).

But we’re still like in the getting-to-know stage right now, as I begin experimenting with all the filters features. Hoping that I’ll get much better outputs with them.

Anyway, you can freely check-out my flickr album for my latest on this hobby of mine. Ciao!


Camera lens filters still have many uses in digital photography, and should be an important part of any photographer’s camera bag. These can include polarizing filters to reduce glare and improve saturation, or simple UV/haze filters to provide extra protection for the front of your lens. This article aims to familiarize one with these and other filter options that cannot be reproduced using digital editing techniques. Common problems/disadvantages and filter sizes are discussed towards the end.


Let’s hope FLICKR would allocate more photo storage to their FREE ACCOUNT. 😀

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These cameras are so awesome. I was hoping that I would have one of these.

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