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Avatar - The Last Airbender

I spend most of my time in a computer shop, and I can say that most teens like watching Japanese Animation nowadays, well count me in :).

I grew up liking any type of animations and document management but Anime (Japanese animation) is the best for me! They had these interesting and catchy (sometimes wacko) stories, which any age could relate to. Though I find Anime addictive, there’s still this western animation by Nickelodeon which caught my interest lately.

It’s the “Avatar : Last Airbender (TV series)”, it has a good storyline, dynamic and funny characters with decent skills, cool fighting scenes, marvelous effects, (martial arts is a plus :)). Anyway, this series is so popular that they made a movie which is currently in showing theaters abroad; not yet in the Philippines. I hope they made a good movie out of it,  unlike how they made Dragon Ball Movie, which disappointed me much.

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