Mesmerized by Alodia Gosiengfiao

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Alodia Gosengfiao

(O_O) , well that’s how I looked like after browsing too much on the internet. Having a hard time to think of a story to blog, I opened up my facebook to grab some inspiration, and damn it didn’t fail me!

It was love at first sight haha! Thankfully, as I clicked on this cute profile picture which I normally ignore, coz I think they are just “POSERS” (someone who uses someone’s  photo on their profiles).

Alodia Gosiengfiao, this name will forever be remembered by me from this day on – I’d prolly need natural sleeping pills each night to get over my mesmerization. While browsing her photos I saw a lot of comments under her pics in “tagalog”, and I wonder “Why do they comment in my native language, there’s no way this very cute lady could be a Filipina coz she looks more like japanese”. (O_O”) (my reaction once again), This girl is indeed a Filipina who lives in the same city as I am (Quezon City), an avid fan of anime, a cosplayer, a model, a blogger, loves to draw, and a computer gamer just like me (most prolly coz she mention she plays during the famcom days and PC-486), and since we share the same passion, I guess she’s the purrfect girl for me! ^o^. Wake Up Duo Maxwell wake upppp!!!!

By the way, she has a lot of awesome pics but I chose the image above, coz I “ENVY” the construction workers a LOT! She was so popular that she was even interviewed in Mel & Joey which I watched in youtube, you can also find her in social networking sites (in my case, “Facebook”)

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