I shot The Buddies

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The Buddies

I was ranting two days ago as my entry was declared the winner for our photo challenge with the theme: Circle in Square.

Circle in Square Collage c/o Spreketek

Circle in Square collage c/o Master Spreketek

It was really overwhelming as I didn’t expect to win, as most of the entries are  absolutely amazing. I even tied-up with another entry, but in the end I got the votes majority from the members, yeah! My buddy Lennox even joke that it was like a photo-finish!haha!

And so “The Buddies” made it!

That’s the title I gave for my entry. Obviously because they are a group of cotton buds, and they are all 200. lol! Would you like to count them? haha!

So always remember that a single cotton bud is a cotton bud, and if its more than 1, they are called the buddies, haha!

The buddies setup

This is how I shot the buddies.

I now host the next challenge with the theme: The Editor’s Choice. Here are the details in case you might wanna join.

This challenge of mine would not be so technical, so I assume a lot of the members would join.

Its so simple. Pretend to be a reporter and capture the drama of a particular scene. The sadness, the fun, the glory and just about anything interesting that you think the editor would pick and eventually hit tomorrow’s frontpage.

PP allowed (hmmm ano nga ba? anything goes basta wag lang uber PP)

(anything morbid, lewd, obscene or indecent are not allowed.)

Deadline of submission: July 12, 2010

Voting start afterwards and ends on July 15, 2010

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